Search and Selection

Executive Search at Parkway Engineering offers a recruitment lifeline for many fast growing companies reliant on the acquisition of key engineering or management skills to achieve targets and expansion.

Our specialist executive search team aims to locate high quality personnel, providing a proactive and proven route to identify and deliver the best candidates. We help recruit for senior managerial positions, when the skill area is problematic or the industry or environment is specialised or competitive.

In all we do, we act with discretion and understanding, with professional operating procedures and practices that our clients
can trust.

We utilise in-depth research and targeting to pinpoint the best people for a key position – not just those candidates who are most visible or mobile. The service involves analysis of the relevant market sector, including a review of client competitors and detailed profile building of potential candidates before an individual approach is made.

Committed, motivated and persistent, this is a highly specialised service, designed to deliver results. Our aim is to deliver the very best candidates, recognised achievers who are both established, motivated and successful in their own field yet ready to bring their expertise and value to yours.