Contractor Services

When it comes to providing you with contractor services there are a lot of things that are obvious and a lot of things that can easily put a kink in what makes the contract not only profitable but also effortless for you. We like to make it easy for you, letting you focus on doing what you do best.

When it comes to the tangled web of contracting, we make sure that we take care of your best interests at every step and with every action we take.

I can talk about our experience and our history but let’s keep it simple, here is what we promise to you:

  • Getting you the best possible rate for your skills
  • On time payments with a clear payment schedule
  • Rate increase negotiations on your behalf where possible
  • Dedicated accounts personnel for all your queries
  • CV review and re-writing before it goes to the client
  • Understanding your needs, before we put you forward to a role
  • Tried and tested contracts for independent contractors
  • Ensuring contract renewals are seamless
  • Agency Worker Regulations monitoring for all eligible contractors – making sure you are always in the best financial position
  • Recommendations of Accountancy Companies that are both cost effective and reliable