Parkway Engineering has a long history of delivering innovative solutions to defence and government agencies to support the delivery of operational capability. With extensive resources of specialised skills and experience, Parkway Engineering providse support to the Ministry of Defence, it’s prime contractors and suppliers in accordance with the guidelines of the Acquisition Operating Framework.

The defence sector requires engineering capability of a highly complex nature. With an extensive knowledge base and up-to-date project experience, Parkway is ideally placed to provide services as diverse as full V-Model Systems Engineering, Requirements Capture, Engineering Design, Full End-to-End Testing, Verification & Validation, Safety Engineering,  Project Management & Cost Modelling to a wide range of Defence clients.

Recent projects include the design and build of an acoustic demonstrator system for a military vehicle including the provision of end-to-end design & test and delivery of the full documentation suite and test results, the development of laser guidance Systems for Self-Propelled High Velocity Missiles (SP HVMs) and the provision of cost modelling expertise to MoD Main Building in Whitehall.