Client Services

Choosing the right Recruitment Partner for your company can have a huge impact on not only the immediate future of the company, but also the ability of the company to achieve their long-term goals. When partnering with us we will treat any hire and growth of your business, as if it was our own growth and we will be as committed to filling your vacancies as you are.

Our focus is not to just deliver a one-off service, but instead to build long-term relationships of repeated business with our clients. We achieve this by:

  • Understanding your goals and objectives – What kind of calibre candidates do you need to get there?
  • Understanding the company’s succession strategy – Are you looking for someone to be a constant seat, or someone to grow to be a Team Leader or Manager?
  • Understanding candidate motivations – Do they want to progress, or are they just looking to work a steady job, and does this match your needs?
  • Using a tailored sourcing strategy with a range of sourcing methods and not just adverts
  • Using social media and newer recruitment methods

Parkway Engineering offers a range of options to provide you with the highest level of service, so that no matter what the situation is, you have the support you need. These services include;

  • Contract
  • Permanent
  • Executive Search
  • MSP & RPO
  • Project Services