Project Services

In some situations, you may have a resource requirement that is  bespoke and does not fit into the usual recruitment processes. This may be for a specialist project or in unique circumstances, such as; construction/engineering works, seasonal demand, missed milestones, etc.

To ensure we are meeting the needs of your business and servicing you with the right calibre of candidates, we will have a project briefing with you after which we will decide together the best plan of action. For these situations a contractor is usually the best option, though we can tailor the resource type to fit your requirements.

Once we have an agreement of what the parameters of the Project Service is, we will deploy the agreed workforce to the project or task as required and as directed  You are kept in control of the project at every step and we will act only according to the parameters that have been agreed with you.

We have shown ourselves to be proficient at successfully delivering Project Service packages in several industries within time and cost parameters agreed between Parkway and our clients.